Meet Neko Lewis

‘The designs that I create for my clients are vibrant, luxurious, timeless and yet livable. My ultimate goal with each project is for individuals to feel like they are ‘living the dream’ each time they step foot into their homes.’ 

By the age of 12, esteemed designer Neko Lewis was spending countless night ‘revamping everything’ from her attire to the furniture and trinkets found throughout her family’s quaint home in the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica.

What sets Neko apart in her industry is not only her unexpected use of metals and layering elements, but her unmatched ability to connect with individuals and translate their desires into intricate design details that effortlessly showcase the essence of their personalities.

Thanks to Lewis’ fluency with colors, textures, and custom furnishings, the interior designer has become highly sought after. She has clients spanning across New York City, New Jersey, South Beach, and Atlanta. To date, Lewis has maintained a flourishing firm with repeat business and an increasingly diverse client roster that includes former NFL star Eric Pitts and a member of the Bravo television hit series, ‘The Real Housewives.’ 

By planning, organizing, and managing each part of the home design process, Neko has been able to gain the utmost respect and trust of her clients, reassuring each one of her incomparable level of professionalism and passion for each project.

Lewis says that ‘authenticity and comfort are also key components’ to her ‘signature style.’ With this in mind, Neko takes her time employing risk and confidence in order to transform ordinary homes into the finest and most functional residences in the United States.

Clients of Neko Lewis can expect exceptional service from the initial consultation to design scheme and installation. The firm works with varying budgets as Lewis believes that there is no budget ‘too big or small.’ Neko believes that she can assist virtually anyone live in a personalized home that brings about a sense of serenity, magic and wonder.

A former NYC client of Lewis shared that she thought Lewis was ‘absolutely crazy’ for agreeing to take her home on as a project because the place was in ‘complete ruins.’ However, after returning to her residence several weeks later to see the finished product, the client shared that she realized in that moment that Lewis was- in fact- a ‘design genius with incomparable vision and vibrant talents.’

The Neko Lewis firm works with a retail price structure; with easy to read contracts that take all of the complexities and guesswork out of the agreement process. With a dedication to supreme client satisfaction, Lewis takes great pride in creating intimate designs that are a juxtaposition of her exceptional design knowledge and the personal aspirations of each property owner.

The firm offers turn-key interior design services for projects from upstate New York to South Beach, Florida. If you would like to receive more information on becoming a part of the Neko Lewis’ firm’s list of increasingly satisfied clients, feel free to contact them at 800-320-4917.

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