I would like to take time to let the entire world know how pleased my husband and I are with Neko Lewis Home Design. Neko is incredibly gifted and I say this with full confidence after seeing first hand her ability to take our complex and meticulous requests and deliver them without missing a single detail! I am sure we are not the easiest clients to deal with; but Mrs. Lewis showed herself to be very patient and accommodating. She completed our project with a tremendous amount of grace and professionalism. Neko succeeded in completely transforming our home from shabby to chic and we could not have done it without her! Neko Lewis is truly a visionary in every sense of the word!
When I purchased my condo, I was very confused and did not know what to do until someone recommended me to the Neko Lewis firm. When I found out that the firm offered interior and exterior design I was so excited because that was just what I was looking for! I was so impressed by my results! Mrs. Lewis is extremely skilled and creative and she takes great pride in her work. Everything her hand touches is transformed into a work of art! I highly recommend NL Home Design and I just want to say again- THANK YOU MRS LEWIS!
I’ve known Neko Lewis for quite some time now and I am very familiar with her interior design skills. Neko has an excellent eye for arranging the right furniture and decorations alongside the right color schemes. I would recommend her to ANYONE- she is unbelievably professional and very easy to work with!
Three years ago I was in desperate need of interior design assistance and so I was overjoyed when Mrs. Neko Lewis was recommended to me. I must admit, though, initially I was skeptical about hiring her to design my home. Luckily though, my intuition kicked in and I knew that I needed to give her a chance! To my great surprise, I was thoroughly impressed and delighted with the outstanding job Neko had performed! Her conversion of furniture and coordination of colors was beyond spectacular! Mrs. Lewis is extremely professional, respectful and is always punctual- which is an added bonus!
After seeing the completed project- I was so overwhelmed by Neko’s breathtaking work that I became overwhelmed with emotions. With tears in my eyes, I gave Mrs. Lewis a huge hug; with some extra money in hand to show my appreciation. I am so excited and full of gratitude at the fact that Neko has turned my house into a very inviting home. With all sincerity, my husband -Mr. Opal Murphy- and I gladly recommend Mrs. Lewis to design anyone’s home!
N L Home & Design is absolutely Fabulous. If your looking for a Humble person to decorate with an Abundance of patience that listens to your Hearts Desire's & Designs.
Approximately three years ago Mrs. Neko Lewis was introduced to me as an interior designer with a discription at the highest level of my expectations. At first I was very skeptical of hiring her to design my home. I was then convinced by the person who had recommended her to me to give her a chance which I did. Upon her finishing I was blown away with her spectacular work. I don't have words to describe how delighted I was. If anyone is looking for a satisfying interior designer- without hesitation Mrs. Lewis is the one. Mrs. Lewis once again my husband and I want to thank you very much for the amazing job that you have done us.

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